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What kind of program is needed for teachers that have never been trained and may not even have a high school education? We believe the key is to make the content attainable by simplifying information found at the undergraduate level in nations such as the United States or France. Few teachers in developing nations have the opportunity to enroll in a university or college level program, and quality teacher training programs are scarce. Since their learning must be “on the job”, TTT provides teachers with 3 two-day professional development seminars taught over an academic year, for a total of 6 days of instruction. Seminars are taught consecutively in the fall, winter and spring.

 Basics of Effective Teaching
Fall SeminarRole of the Teacher
Planning a School Day
Winter SeminarMultiple Intelligences
Differentiated Instruction
Spring SeminarBloom's Taxonomy


School leaders are central to improving education. While many school leaders may be well-qualified, very few have received any type of school leadership training. TTT provides school leaders with 3 one-day professional development seminars over the course of an academic year.

 Basics of Effective School Leadership
Fall SeminarA Community of Collaboration
Winter SeminarA Culture of Improvement
Spring SeminarKeys to Student Achievement

Recognition of Professional Development

Certificate of Attendance (days for teachers and school leaders)
To earn one TTT Certificate of Attendance for each of the 3 seminars, a participant registers each morning before the seminar begins and is present until the completion of each seminar.

Certificate of Attendance (days for school leaders)
To earn one TTT Certificate of Attendance for the three days, a participant registers each morning before the seminar begins and is present until the completion of each seminar.

Certificate of Completion (for teachers)
To earn one TTT Certificate of Completion and a TTT lapel pin, a participant meets the requirements of the Certificate of Attendance for each of the 3 seminars.

Certificate of Completion and Leadership (for school leaders)
To earn one TTT Certificate of Completion and Leadership and a TTT lapel pin, a participant meets the requirements of the Certificate of Attendance for all the seminars.


We continuously strive to improve our methods to achieve the greatest results. We are unique for several reasons:

Led by professional trained facilitators
Facilitation is the bridge between reaching the objective of the workshop and the power to change a teacher’s way of thinking. Our facilitators excel in mastery of the program, cultural understanding of the audience, and an appreciation of the sacrifice one makes to be a teacher or school leader. TTT facilitators have a unified goal to inspire participants to apply what they have learned in their classrooms.

Necessary foundation of disciplines
Teachers need a solid foundation in the basics of how to teach any curriculum or discipline. The six teacher modules can be applied to any type of classroom instruction. The modules focus on the method of the gradual release of responsibility. Effective teachers use the gradual release of responsibility which guides students through direct instruction, guided practice, and independent practice for any topic.

Innovative video instruction with interactive manuals
Every seminar executes the same high standard of quality in which the balance of video instruction and a manual captivates the thoughts of the participants. The video instruction is engaging and easy to follow but also challenging and demands one’s full attention as participants write in the manuals during the video segments. The themes within the modules are consistently reviewed and built upon throughout the seminars. The manuals become a useful reference for the participants long after the seminars.

Facilitated workshops and collaboration
Participants work in table groups that encourage peer learning and collaboration. Facilitators provide leadership, neutrality and are well trained to deal with conflicts. It is the responsibility of the individuals, pairs, or table groups to complete the objective of each workshop. Committed participants reap deep benefits through discussion, reflection, and/or trying a skill, technique or activity during the seminars.

Three essential tools for school leaders
School leaders are key to student achievement. Teachers depend on the school leader for leadership and the students depend on the school leader to establish a school that offers them a valuable education. The three school leader modules equip school leaders with research-based perspectives about collaboration among educators so that a school can become a culture of improvement. Using three tools, effective school leaders require professional growth and development of their teachers.

Participants earn a certificate of completion
The certificate program demonstrates our commitment to excellent professional development seminars. Basic expectations of attendance are required which proves our effort and dedication to every minute of every seminar. The certificate program also demonstrates that we value the time and effort of our participants.

Entire school faculty attends together
The amount of training and expertise varies among our participants. Information is power and participants with very little training are encouraged and equipped because of the TTT seminars. Veteran and experienced participants are refreshed and motivated, as teachers and school leaders return to their schools with a collaborative perspective on how to be more effective.

No financial compensation is provided to teachers for their participation.