Pinch me. Am I dreaming?

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I am telling you; this adventure never dulls. Naturally, we figured that a global pandemic would halt TTT for a while and yet, we find ourselves on another path in this journey. While the world appears to be grim and full of loss, the path before us shines bright. During these COVID months, we experimented with Google ads, which to …


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We are all living through the same pandemic. It is simply the weirdest thing ever… to know that our partners in the US, Haiti, Liberia and now Uganda are all experiencing the threat of safety and normalcy because of this virus. Ah yes, if you are reading closely, I wrote Uganda. Amidst the unknowns and uncertainty of COVID-19, a delightful …

Where Our Treasure is Found

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At this time of year, the typical ask of an organization like ours would be to ask you, the reader, to include us in your end-of-year giving. Instead, I would rather use this moment to tell you about something that TTT is investing in for the next few years. In March, our staff brainstormed about investing in well-established partners, in …

Find a Ladder

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TTT ebbs and flows with the climate of Haiti. Over the past eight years, we have postponed and canceled some seminars due to political unrest and natural disasters. Seminar 2 was scheduled for February 25-March 8 in two locations. In the weeks leading up to the seminar, there were violent anti-government protests, essentially shutting down normal activity across the entire …

To the North

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Excitement builds as TTT is about to expand in leaps and bounds… to the north! With a new school year on the horizon, we reflect on how we have trained 1,100 teachers and school leaders over the past seven years. And now, we look forward with great anticipation as we will train about 50% more in this upcoming year because …

It just sounds so good when they say it.

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As we transition to a one-year program, the opportunity to rethink what TTT stands for is now. At TTT’s inception, we were a group of teachers committed to training other teachers. It was easy – we were teachers training teachers. But now, as we have grown and matured as an organization, we are more than just a small group of …

Patience will be our virtue

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Young boys pointed at me and Jane, as we walked to the van, yelling, “Blan! Blan!”, which is a common reference for a white person in Haiti. Obviously, we knew it would be difficult to become invisible, as we peeked into classrooms. Regardless, it was an exciting opportunity to observe teachers and meet with school leaders. It is imperative that …


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I learned about 10 months ago when my daughter became engaged to be married that I would most likely miss this week’s teacher training seminars. To have attended all but 1 one-day seminar over the past seven years, somewhere in the range of 15 seminars is an honor and crazy feat. The amount of learning I have gained from observing …

A Dedication

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Beth MollenhauerBeth is the President of Teaching Training Together, an organization based in Burlington, Massachusetts, that provides initial training through professional development seminars to underserved school leaders and teachers.

Frames of (our) mind

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I am one who adds something to a list even after the task is complete, relishing in the stroke of ink that crosses it off. But the crazy does not end there because I also have a habit of keeping those lists and other scraps of paper. My explanation for this odd behavior is that it brings me great satisfaction …