From frustrated to effective teaching

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I graduated from one of the best universities in Uganda with a Bachelor of science with an education degree.

Set to go and teach biology and chemistry to secondary school students, I was excited to embark on this journey.

Reality hit when I reached the school and found a total mismatch between what I had studied at the university and what was actually on the ground.

While I excelled in University, I DID NOT KNOW HOW TO TEACH!

I struggled with things as simple as;

  • Planning my lessons,
  • Engaging the learners,
  • Determining if they had understood or not,
  • I struggled with classroom management and basic content delivery.

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The truth is, I was frustrated, and thoughts of quitting crept in.

I started accepting that I was in the wrong profession!

Like many teachers, university education had loaded me with content, and very little was given to me about;

  • how to deliver it,
  • how to prepare for the lessons effectively,
  • how to assess my learners and so much more.

The thing is, I was not alone, many of my colleagues faced the same problem and did not know where to turn for help.

We struggled with figuring out how things were done and sadly we did not know where to look for help.

The senior teachers we counted also had their fair share of struggles because they did not know any better.

My earlier teaching career was more about surviving, trial and error, reinventing the wheel, and failing Now and then.

I loved the profession though,

So I invested a lot of time and money on as many resources as I could find useful for the classroom.

I attended different seminars and conferences to try and up my skills of teaching, these helped but I always thought something was missing.

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So I kept searching.

In 2019 I landed on a course by Teaching Training Together as I was browsing the internet.

I read briefly about it and what it entailed. I got excited. The Course addressed the biggest pains I had as a teacher.

It covered some pain points like the role of the teacher, planning a school day and individual lessons, looking at differentiating instruction (this had been a major pain point given the class sizes we deal with), and covering assessment.

All these were areas I had struggled with. Excited about the opportunity, I applied for it with some scepticism because I had attended a few ventures that had not exactly lived up to the promise.

I was fortunate enough to get in and to take on the course, the more I learned from it, the more I was convinced that every teacher, needed it. It addressed challenges we face as a result of ;

  • Ill preparation for the classroom,
  • Larger class sizes,
  • Limited resources,
  • Learners with different learning abilities,
  • Diverse and changing curricula and so much more.

It offered an all-around preparation for a teacher irrespective of the level or curriculum they were teaching.

I was fortunate enough to introduce it to over 100 teachers in my community at the time and all were very fascinated by the improvement they registered in terms of their delivery.

The good news is that now this course is no longer limited by challenges of cost, location, or materials, it can be accessed anywhere, regardless of where you are.

This is the greatest gift that Teaching Training Together has given to the teaching profession.

Here’s the best part about the course;

  • Fully funded,
  • Flexible and self-paced
  • Get a certificate upon completion
  • All you need is your device,
  • Data, and commitment in terms of time.

Trust me, you will be glad you made the decision to grow yourself this way and join thousands of teachers around the world growing themselves and striving to become more effective teachers.