Transforming Education in Haiti

Want to get involved? Here’s some important information.

We are raising $400,000 to complete eight “master” training videos and $150,000 to recruit, train and deploy Haitian facilitators.

Training Videos ($400,000): We are producing six videos for training teachers and two videos for training school leaders. Each video is professionally produced and recorded in English and dubbed into French. The cost is $50,000 per video.

Haitian Facilitators ($150,000): The Haitian facilitators are professionals who will manage the video instruction and lead workshops. Your gift will help pay for the cost of training the facilitators.

TTT’s overhead costs are 100% covered. That means 100% of your donation will be used to train school leaders and teachers.

With your partnership, we will train 10,000 more teachers in the next five years. That will be 10% of the teachers in Haiti. Those teachers, who have forty-six students on-average in their classrooms, teach nearly 500,000 children each year!

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