Becoming a More Effective School Leader


Four weeks, one module per two weeks
Affordable Course Content (ACC) provided at no cost to learners through generous donations.

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"Becoming a More Effective School Leader" is a free of cost, online, asynchronous course that facilitates professional growth and collaboration among peers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Online course fees are funded by committed donors to reduce barriers to access high quality professional development for teachers and school leaders. The monetary value of this course is $60USD.

However, we recognize that everything comes at a cost. Your investment as a learner requires:

Time - Once enrolled, you will have access to this course for four weeks.

Technology – You must secure a reliable internet connection to complete the course.

Course Description

This course is designed for current and future school leaders who desire to develop skills and understanding of school leadership. through research-based principles and thought. The course contains two modules:
Module 1: A Community of Collaboration
This module explores how school leaders who trusting in themselves and in their community impact their role as leaders. It provides a deep dive into the benefits of collegiality and collaboration to require teacher growth and development.  Read more...
Module 2: Culture of Improvement
This module instructs school leaders how to develop and maintain a process to become a culture of improvement within their schools. Learners have access to a tool to review case studies of three schools. It explores how a school develops a self-review, a shared vision, and a plan of action.  Read more...



“The course lessons were so interesting I couldn’t put it aside or on hold. I am excited to apply what have learned from the training.”
"This course is really great! I didn't realize that there would be a live speaker with an audience, which makes you feel like you are part of the classroom."
"I especially love the downloadable pages that can be printed and kept in a notebook."
"This course is very intuitive. I like the flow of the lesson and the embedded interactive mediums. It allows for engagement and follow-through with the lesson, not just skimming through it. The brevity of the lesson focuses on the essential things that take the message into practice with potential for impact."

Empower more learners with knowledge

We believe in trained teachers and school leaders! We strive to make this course accessible because of a deep respect for culture, an understanding of the context in which educators work, and a sincere desire to become more effective with colleagues to improve school leadership and a student’s learning environment.

Join our vision to transform classroom instruction as we seek to train thousands of underserved teachers and school leaders. If you are connected to an organization or government, TTT would be honored to partner with you to make this course open to all!

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Enrollment Policy

Limit one four-week enrollment per individual

To increase mastery of the course, TTT requires enrolling in one course at a time.

Learners will be automatically unenrolled from the course after 14 days of inactivity.

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