A Refreshed Revision

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We like detail. We delight in being specific. We thrive on excellent communication.
That’s who we are at TTT.

Our vision is to transform education.
It might be too broad. Too lofty.
So, let’s communicate our vision with precision.

We want to transform classroom instruction with more effective teachers. It’s in the classrooms that the “magic” happens. And I argue that this is even true when a teacher is faced with an unimaginable ratio of students. It’s in the classrooms that the teacher can be more effective to apply strategies, techniques, and methods to teach students a curriculum. And with effective teachers, we dream that classroom instruction can be transformed for the benefit of each student.

Our mission is to provide professional development seminars to underserved teachers and school leaders in developing nations.
It needs two revisions.
So, let’s refresh our mission with clarity.

TTT provides initial training through professional development seminars to underserved school leaders and teachers. We have come to realize that our mission had not stated the content of our professional development. At our seminars, school leaders and teachers receive necessary, initial training. This is training, that at any level of experience, should be required to be a teacher. Secondly, you might have noticed an omission. It’s intentional. TTT is in the business of training underserved school leaders and teachers. Period. Is it necessary to qualify “in developing nations”? Underserved educators in English or French-speaking communities are who we serve – those who work in a school and lack training to be more effective.

TTT, Teaching Training Together
Teaching gives knowledge.
Training gives skill.
Teaching fills the mind.
Training shapes the habits.
Teaching brings someone that which one did not have before.
Training enables someone to make use of that which is already in one’s possession.

Teach the truths.
Train habits of study to learn other truths.

Together, we teach and train. And oh, how I love what we do. We created a program for more than seven years to train more than 4500 school leaders and teachers in Haiti. And currently we partner with six established, qualified Partners on the continent of Africa, hopefully adding at least ten more Partners in the next two months. C’mon… pretty cool stuff.

May you be refreshed, too.