our Work in Haiti

Following the devastating earthquake in Haiti in 2010 and inspired by Bono and the Willowcreek Leadership Summit, fifteen experienced educators in Massachusetts wondered if sharing their knowledge and experience would make a difference in the lives of their fellow teachers. For the past five years, we have led professional development seminars throughout Haiti. Teachers have received practical training in the basics of an effective classroom and content-specific modules. 95% of the participants said they apply the information from the seminars to their classroom instruction.

Our Locations

We began training teachers at one school, Nehemiah Vision Academy, in Chambrun (12 miles northeast of Port-au-Prince) where we tested material to know if it was relevant and useful. After three years, we expanded to five locations and 67 schools in Port-au-Prince, Les Cayes, Miragoâne, Jacmel and Léogâne. Beginning in November 2016, we began a focus on training teachers in the South Department. Locations are highlighted.

Meet Our Teachers

These are the school leaders and teachers who are changing lives in Haiti. We are honored to provide pedagogical information to these people, who with a great love for their country strive to be more effective teachers.

l'Académie Chrétienne de la Vision de Néhémie, Chambrun

Institution Mixte Maranatha, Les Cayes

Ecole Armée du Salut Desruisseaux, Miragoâne

Ecole Armée du Salut, Jacmel

Ecole Chrétienne de Four-à-Chaux, Léogâne

Adventiste Shillem de Puits Blain, Port-au-Prince

MEBSH Maniche, Centre du Savoir, Les Cayes

Ecole Centre d'Education Moderne de Pont-Roche, Miragoâne

Ecole Beraka Radio Lumière (MEBSH), Jacmel

Collège Adventiste du 7ème Jour de Léogane, Léogâne

Collège les Frères St-Cyr, Port-au-Prince

MEBSH Simon, Ecole Evangélique, Les Cayes

Ecole Evangelique Eben-Ezer de Pilard, Miragoâne

Ecole Bon Samaritain de Beaudouin, Jacmel

Collège d'Application Pédagogique de Corail Lemaire, Léogâne

Collège Mixte Antoine Théodore, Port-au-Prince

La Foi de Job, Les Cayes

Ecole HADEM de Carrefour-vert, Léogâne

Ecole Chrétienne Evangélique de Lauture, Jacmel

Collège Mixte Foyer Lumière Laboule 10, Port-au-Prince

Ecole Evangélique la Rédemption de Beraca, Miragoâne

Ecole Jacques Vital Herne, Léogâne

MEBSH de Port Salut, Les Cayes

Collège Saint Benoit, Port-au-Prince

Ecole Méthodiste de Guiotte, Léogâne

Ecole Fondamentale Adventiste Maranatha, Jacmel

Ecole Fondamentale Adventiste de Miragoâne, Miragoâne

Union des Frères d'Achambeau, Les Cayes

Ecole Mitspa, Léogâne

Ecole Chrétienne I.M.O. Delmas, Port-au-Prince

Ecole Communautaire des Oliviers, Jacmel

Ecole Mixte Nazaréen de Miragoâne, Miragoâne

LSM/MEBSH, Les Cayes

Ecole Wesleyenne de Place l'or, Léogâne

Institution d'Etude Louisiana Tabernacle, Port-au-Prince

Ecole Mixte Baptiste EBEN-EZER de Jacmel, Jacmel

Ecole Mixte Nazaréen de St Michel du Sud, Miragoâne

MEBSH de Miserne, Les Cayes

Institution Mixte Assemblée de Dieu (IMAD), Port-au-Prince

Ecole Wesleyenne Dufort, Léogâne

Ecole Mixte Evangélique la Renaissance, Jacmel

MEBSH de Picot, Les Cayes

Ecole Rivière Herard Orangers, Miragoâne

Institution Mixte Domerson Pierre Jean (IMDOP), Port-au-Prince

Institution Mixte Baptiste de Dufort, Léogâne

Ecole Mixte Nazareth, Jacmel

Institution Mixte de la Nouvelle Génération, Léogâne

Institution Mixte les Petits Genies, Les Cayes

New Missions de Sigueneau, Léogâne

Institution Mixte Foyer Chrétien (I.M.F.C.), Port-au-Prince

SOS Village d'Enfants, Les Cayes

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