Our Journey

In August 2010, inspired by speakers at the Global Leadership Summit, a think-tank of ten educators explored the possibility of developing effective training for Haitian teachers. As a group of elementary school teachers, special needs teachers, and school administrators, we simply could not imagine a day in front of a classroom without any formal training on how to teach.

A few months later, in October 2010, a team went to Haiti to interview school leaders and inquire about the need for teacher training. Their shoulders brushed between blue tarps as they walked through a tent city, birthed from a catastrophic earthquake. Their eyes observed preschoolers under a tent, fearful to enter their building because of the earthquake ten months earlier. And, their ears overheard a father and son discussing an odd sickness along the Arbonite River, which was cholera. Each of these experiences, and others, offered the team a sense of the obstacles and challenges one endures to live in Haiti.

We were overwhelmed by the physical, material, and emotional needs. With a focus on education, we learned that there was absolutely no shortage of schools in Haiti. Also, we learned that less than 25% of teachers had any type of teacher training. Our response was to freely share our knowledge and expertise with underserved teachers. We imagined teachers trained in the basics of how to teach at professional seminars and wondered if training could affect the learning environment of a school. And if the culture of education could improve, trained teachers might bring about systemic change.

Our journey began in April 2011, when a team of five volunteer teachers brought the first seminar to Nehemiah Vision Academy in Chambrun, Haiti, with two school leaders and 25 teachers. For three years, content was written, presented and revised for this group of educators. Then, with what we had learned, we expanded to multiple locations throughout Haiti through several incredible relationships with Haitian organizations. Today, TTT trains hundreds of teachers and school leaders in various locations throughout Haiti. Our hope is to promote professional growth and development with the dream that teaching will become a noble profession in Haiti. We believe the potential for student achievement is more possible with trained teachers. We echo Nelson Mandela as we consider the problems in our world and commit to be a part of the solution – Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

Teaching Training Together is a 501c3 organization. All donations are tax-deductible.

Our Board

  • Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education, Gordon College
  • Bachelor’s degree in Moderate/Severe Special Needs, Gordon College
  • Five years of classroom teaching experience
  • Six years of leadership in children’s programming
  • Massachusetts Principal of the Year, 2015
  • BS in Elementary Education,  Bucknell University
  • Masters in Education with a concentration in Educational Leadership, Lesley University
  • Principal of the Miller School in Holliston, MA for 13 years
  • Previously, 4th and 5th grade teacher for six years
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Communication, Moody Bible Institute

  • Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership, BIOLA University

  • Graduate, Paterson Center for Strategic Planning

  • 20 year veteran in non-profit organizational leadership

  • BS Marketing, Illinois State University
  • Master of Ministry Leadership, Rockbridge Seminary
  • Global COO, Biblica, The International Bible Society
  • Director of Strategic Partnerships, Purpose Driven
  • Senior Vice President, Conagra Foods

Our Leadership


  • Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education, Gordon College
  • Bachelor’s degree in Moderate/Severe Special Needs, Gordon College
  • Five years of classroom teaching experience

  • Six years of leadership in children’s programming

Vice President

  • BS in Industrial Engineering, Purdue University

  • Former Mission Team Coordinator, Nehemiah Vision Ministries, Chambrun, Haiti 

  • Former Program Manager/ Manufacturing Engineer, Indiana Mills and Manufacturing, Westfield, IN

Product Development & Instructor

  • Master’s degree in Educational Leadership, Troy State University
  • Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education, Wesleyan University
  • Author and Editor, Sundance Publishers
  • 30 years of classroom teaching experience
Haiti Field Director

  • Former Co-Administrator, FENU branch of the United Nation Office Haitian Bureau

  • Former Chief of HR and Administration, MSH branch of USAID, Haiti

Operations Coordinator, Translation & Interpreter

  • Law Degree, Faculté de Droit et des Sciences Economiques

  • Former Global Volunteer Coordinator, Christian Reformed World Relief Committee, Haiti

  • Former Donor Relations Officer, Star of Hope Haiti Foundation

Facilitator Training Coordinator

  • Master’s Degree in Management of Education Training Organization, Université Quisquéya Haiti et Université Paris-Est Créteil Val de Marne
  • Assistant Pedagogical Coordinator of the Diocesan Office, Port-au-Prince Education Center (BDE-PAP)
  • 28 years of experience in classical and technical education
  • 5 years in education project management